Mt. Kinka is a small island located in the Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi Prefecture in the main island of Japan. Mt Kinka has been crowded with worshipers since long ago because this mountain has been one of the three great sacred places in this region including Mt. Osore and Three Mountains of Dewa. And the road leading to Mt. Kinka from Yamagata Prefecture located in the Japan Sea side played a role as trade and distribution route that exchanges marine products and agricultural products. However entrance path of the shrine in Mt. Kinka called Koganeyama shrine was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Moreover large ship became difficult to come alongside the pier because port facilities were also damaged. Visitor needed to charter small ship in order to cross to the island.

This project tries to consider what can do for detaining people’s heart. Students of Tokyo Zokei University have been helping the affected area through volunteer activities in order to restore infrastructure. In addition to this, we conducted field survey and interview with the parties concerned in order to develop ideas that revive Mt. Kinka. As a result, we renewed website of the shrine, which had not been updated for long, in order to make people known about the present situation and to revive this place. Moreover we supported special event (e.g. first shrine visit of New Year).