Joined the assembly held at Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) on November 21 as representative of TZU DESIS Lab. This assembly is held at the same time as Cumulus. Labs’ representatives from Polytechnic University of Milan, University Art London, HKDI, etc. joined this event. New lab such as Melbourne was also introduced.

Joined the 2nd International Conference on Village Revitalization organized by Mr. Singgih Kartono, Indonesian product designer. It was held in Yamaguchi Prefecture from August 5 to 7 in Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM). The first two day was a camping style workshop at rural area of Yamaguchi city, which participants rode bamboo bike to find local issues and attractiveness from point of outsider. Participants came from Indonesia and Japan.

Spedagi is finally started in Tokyo subsequently to Spedagi Ato in Yamaguchi prefecture. Now we are developing a workshop program makes use of bamboo Kid bike designed by Keigo Honda, a lecturer at Kuwasawa Design Institute. This workshop aims at developing sustainable community through  'local production for local consumption of food and manufacturing' and 'rural-urban exchange' that will be promoted by utilizing resources and attractiveness of rural area of Tokyo such as forestry and agriculture. Bamboo kid bike will function as a magnet which attracts people from urban part of Tokyo to rural area. TZU DESIS Lab is collaborating with Spedagi Tokyo in designing program of workshop and managing it.

DESIS network's and TZU DESIS Lab's activities were exhibited during open campus of Tokyo Zokei University, which was held from July 16 to 17. A prototype of bamboo bike, one of Spedagi's projects, was also exhibited to them.