Today, we, Spedagi Tokyo participated in a running bike event held in Hamura City located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis for test-driving of bamboo running bike and promotion of Spedagi Tokyo. Thanks to the organizer's kindness, they allowed us to use the actual course for the test and called to all kids to try it. We collected very precious opinions through questionnaire and direct voice. Everyone thank you very much!

We visited Musashi-itsukaichi (Akiruno City) on 16 February in order to do field survey of the first Spedagi Tokyo’s workshop. Musashi-itsukaichi is a place full of nature and it takes just one hour from Shinjuku by local train. This place has many attractveness such as , Akikawa valley, hot spring, Akikawa beef, and local Sake, etc. Musashi-itsukaichi is very attractive place to hold the first Spedagi Tokyo’s workshop. Moreover we could fortunately meet local people who are assent to Spedagi Tokyo’s activity. After this we are going to collaborate with them to hold the workshop at this coming spring.

Today we went to visit a co-working space at Odaiba named MONO to do 3D printing of bamboo balance bike parts. Pepper, a humanoid robot, welcomed us at the entrance. Tokyo Zokei University is one of the sponsors of MONO, so that staffs as well as students can use facilities with reasonable price. But there is a only few students who visit this place, because the university's campus is far from MONO. What a wasteful!

We visited Ato in Yamaguchi Prefecture in order to see Spedagi Ato's activity. They are based in a closed school and brought equipment in to it for bicycle making. It was very heavy snow when visited! Now Spedagi Ato is producing a bicycle made of local bamboo. The first model is created and now trying to design original bicycle. Their activity is reported by NHK Yamaguchi and local newspapers. They are now planning to hold a workshop that helps local community development through attracting visitors from outside Ato and assembling their own bicycles. What is interesting for me is that visitors regularly visit Ato and experience the whole production process of bicycle including cutting bamboo trees, processing trees, and assembling bicycle.